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Mentorship Program

In 2021, the Copyright Society began a formal mentorship program to reinforce the informal networks that sprang naturally from meetings between experienced IP law practitioners and law students and interested stakeholders from the worlds of publishing, music recording, computer software development and digital invention. 

The Mentorship Program:

  • Helps new attorneys find jobs
  • Works with attorneys to build knowledge of opportunities within copyright law community
  • Gets a new generation excited about the field
  • Keeps yourself and your firm enlivened
  • Gives back to the copyright community

Mentorship Circles are composed of groups of mentors and mentees. The program consists also of one-to-one pairings of new and experienced practitioners, law librarians and computer programmers, in house counsel and government representatives. Mentorship Circles attend Copyright Society events together, to learn, network and socialize.

Mentors and mentees meet regularly, designing partnerships that correspond to the specific interests and needs of the mentees.  Mentors are Copyright Society members interested in continually reassessing the changing landscape of copyright law and the needs of the community it serves.  The mentee pool consists of members engaged in exploring intellectual property law as it relates to their education, their careers and their diverse goals.

The mentorship program offers dedicated practitioners of IP law and up and coming attorneys and creators, together, an opportunity to develop new ideas as they navigate the vast and complicated terrain of copyright law, as well as related areas of intellectual property law.

Mentorship Circles attend Copyright Society events together, to learn, network and socialize.

To join the Mentorship Program, individuals must be members of Copyright Society. Information to join the mentorship program will be sent out in October.


Contact Jen McGhee, Programs Manager, for any questions about the Mentorship Program.

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