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Welcome to a community that includes top professionals, diverse individuals and a myriad of private and public organizations and institutions (including artists, performers, innovators and content creators and providers), that provide art, entertainment, tools and information for the enrichment of a global society that grows more connected with each passing year. Our membership includes publishers, major television networks, movie studios, game creators, libraries, educators, digital giants, and a range of other stakeholders who expand the knowledge base of our legal practitioner members with their unique insights from diverse points of view.


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Copyright Society Leadership
01 Grow Your Professional Circle

Network with copyright professionals

For attorneys with limited experience, mentorship opportunities and unparalleled continuing legal education courses will quickly prove to be a great return on your investment. Additionally, membership offers opportunities to network & collaborate with the biggest names in copyright that you won't find anywhere else. For experienced IP attorneys, we offer the opportunity to create new relationships with your peers, and also to give back to the community by introducing passionate newcomers to the field. You may even discover areas of interest you didn't know that you had!
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02 Insights From Our Journal

Keep up to date with copyright with focused, comprehensive CLE courses!

The Journal of the Copyright Society has been the premier source of information about copyright law for almost sixty years.
Volume 68, Issue 1
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Volume 68, Issue 2
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03 Opportunities for New Attorneys and Experienced Attorneys to Grow!

Mentorship Opportunities

The mentorship program is hitting its stride, graduating its first successful participants, and creating a strong impetus for even the most experienced attorneys and well established firms to update their policies and procedures in response to the forces causing rapid change in local, national and international circles.
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A Subscription to The Journal of the Copyright Society: The go-to review on copyright law. Includes three issues per year and the digital archive with the complete text of every issue.

Our Best Discounts on educational programs such as, CLE, webinars, panels, lectures, and our Mid-Winter and Annual Meetings and other events.

Exclusive access to our media library and video courses: Only members have access to our Media Library of program videos and course materials and the international Directory of Members.

Opportunities to Network & Collaborate with the biggest names in copyright: Copyright Society events attract the biggest names in copyright, but they’re also intimate and personal. Our events are the ideal place to form relationships, make connections and advance your career. As a Member, you can get even more involved by creating or participating on a panel, and you’ll also be eligible to be nominated to one of our committees. Membership includes automatic enrollment in a local chapter.

A Profile in the Copyright Society Directory: Now with a comprehensive work and educational history! The directory will link to your blog and social media profiles.

We feature you in our newsfeed. Want to update your community about your promotion or finding a new job? Let everyone know about an award you’ve received or a speaking engagement? We can help get the word out. Our member news goes out via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the Member Newsfeed.

In-house private CLE program