Copyright on the Blockchain

When: February 11, 2021 at 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST - This event has passed

Blockchain technology is not just about Bitcoin — it is already being used for a variety of applications related to copyright law. Blockchains are distributed ledgers; with Bitcoin, that blockchain ledger tracks cryptocurrency transactions, but that same underlying technology can be used to track intellectual property rights instead. And blockchain technology allows you to program your money, which can allow for licensing transactions to occur automatically and with no intermediaries. Imagine writing a computer program that automatically transfers one-hundredth of a cent to the songwriter and one-hundredth of a cent to the singer for every second of a song that a user plays on a device, with no intermediary in between; many blockchain applications have already been built to do just that. This panel will include a short “blockchain 101” for copyright lawyers who want to learn the basics of blockchain technology (no prior knowledge about blockchain required), as well as a discussion of the potential implications of blockchain technology for copyright law.


Alanna Gombert
Head of Identity, ConsenSys Mesh / CEO, Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA)

Kristin Smith
Executive Director, Blockchain Association

Adrien Stern
Co-Founder & CEO, Reveel Technology

Marta Belcher (Moderator)
Attorney, Ropes & Gray

This event has passed