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The New England Chapter of the Copyright Society has had an eventful few years, Covid notwithstanding.
Highlights included fun and informative panels that covered some of the more interesting byways of copyright law. In October 2020, for instance, we held a very well-attended panel on “Sneaker Law,” featuring two of the founders of the sneaker law specialty, Kenneth Anand and Jared Goldstein, as well as a highly respected and sought-after sneaker designer, Stephanie Howard, whose original “Reebok 850” remains an iconic sneaker design to this day.
More recently, in April 2022, we held a fascinating panel on the “Copyrightability of Recipes,” featuring Lynn Oberlander, the renowned media expert and advocate for journalists who also takes time to support the creative community, Jalyce Mangum, Copyright Office Attorney-Advisor who formerly served as an Examiner (and therefore has seen her share of recipes and cookbooks!), and Maria Zizka, a highly respected San Francisco chef and author of many delightful cookbooks and culinary works.
The New England Chapter is helmed by co-chairs Bhamati Viswanathan and Aaron Davis. We hold multiple activities, and are looking forward to bringing them back to real space in the near future. Come join us and our thriving community of IP lawyers, scholars, professionals, and enthusiasts!

Chapter Chairs:

Bhamati Viswanathan

New England Chapter | New England Law School

Stacy Friends

New England Chapter | Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton PC