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The 2021 CC Global Summit Keynotes Are Here!

We have exciting news…we published the keynotes from the 2021 CC Global Summit!

Alongside the 170+ sessions that took place at this year’s virtual event, we hosted five keynotes from global leaders in the open movement, who shared their work in open data, science and health, software and law. We’re excited to share these recordings of the keynotes with you today!

Achal Prabhala

This was our first keynote of the CC Global Summit, entitled “On the Margins of Creative Commons and Open,” by Achal Prabhala, Coordinator of the AccessIBSA project. Achal is a writer, researcher, recent fellow of the Shuttleworth Foundation, and longtime activist for access to medicines and vaccines. AccessIBSA campaigns to expand access and speed up the discovery of new drugs in India, Brazil and South Africa. In this keynote, Achal challenges the Creative Commons movement to look beyond traditional epistemological frameworks and consider allying with forces that achieve the same goals, but don’t use the same means.

Cecilia Oliveira

This was our second keynote of the CC Global Summit by Cecília Olliveira, an investigative journalist, researcher and Executive Director of Fogo Cruzado. Fogo Cruzado, which translates to cross-fire, is a Brazilian-based community-driven open data platform that collects and cross-checks real-time data on armed violence with a goal of reduce gun crime. In this keynote, Cecília shares her motivation for starting Fogo Cruzado in 2016 and the incredible impact the organisation has had in reducing armed violence in Rio de Janeiro and Recife over the past five years!

Audrey Tang 

This was our third keynote of the CC Global Summit, entitled “Digital Social Innovation,” by Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s digital minister in charge of Social Innovation. Audrey Tang is one of the world’s leading computer scientists, and among other things, is known for revitalizing the computer languages Perl and Haskell, as well as building the online spreadsheet system EtherCalc in collaboration with Dan Bricklin. In this keynote, Audrey shares how Taiwan has used open data and transparent governance to empower its citizens to code their own way out of a pandemic, and the lessons other nations can adopt from their digital playbook. Check out the slides >> 

Angela Odour Lungati

This was our fourth keynote of the CC Global Summit by Angela Oduor Lungati, Executive Director at Ushahidi, and recently appointed Board Member of the Creative Commons Board of Directors. Ushahidi is a global non-profit technology company that helps communities quickly collect and share information that enables them to raise voices, inform decisions and influence change. Angela shares her insights as a technologist, community builder, and open-source software advocate who is passionate about building and using appropriate technology tools to create an impact in the lives of marginalized groups. 

Lawrence Lessig

This was our final keynote of the CC Global Summit by Lawrence Lessig, founder of Creative Commons, law professor, attorney, and political activist. As Creative Commons celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, Lessig reflects on how CC began, what it has accomplished, and what he hopes to see in the next twenty years and beyond. In this keynote, Lessig discusses some of the most pressing issues affecting the open ecosystem and the internet right now, and discusses what lessons can be learned from the prosecution and regulation of Big Tobacco—its media misinformation and disinformation, and its political interference.

What’s next?

Next up, we’ll be sharing the nine panel presentations that took place during the 2021 CC Global Summit—keep an eye on the CC blog & Youtube channel over the next two weeks. Once that is completed, we’ll start releasing as many of the other amazing sessions that took place as possible. We ask for your patience and understanding during this process. Thank you!

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