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Meet the Judges #CCSharesCulture: Yana Buhrer Tavarnier

Creative Commons’ Open Culture Remix Art Contest #CCSharesCulture is open until 30 April 2022. So there’s still plenty of time to remix existing art and turn it into something fresh and exciting under the theme “Love Culture? Share Culture!”

In the run up to the submission deadline, we are introducing our panel of experts, who will judge the entries based on their conformity with the theme, expression of the theme, originality, creativity, quality, artistic expression, personal expression, visual appeal, and overall impact. Get to know one of our six judges, Yana Buhrer Tavarnier, in this Q&A blog post.

Who are you?

I am the cofounder and executive director of Fine Acts, a global nonprofit creative studio for social impact. An activist with a background in investigative journalism, I explore human rights innovation at the intersections of activism, art, tech and science. I am also cofounder of, the largest volunteer platform in Bulgaria. I have a BA in communication and MA in political science from Sofia University, along with executive education at Harvard University, Yale University, Oxford University, and NTU-Singapore. I am a TED Senior Fellow, a Fulbright Scholar, a WEF Young Global Leader, and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

What does “better sharing” of culture mean to you?

“Better sharing” means better us. 

How can open access to cultural heritage stimulate creativity?

Removing barriers to cultural heritage and allowing people to remix content unlocks incredible creative potential – with the power to interpret the present in new, profound ways; to create fresh meaning and understanding; to build community and empathy.

What advice would you give to folks who are in two minds about entering CC’s Open Culture Remix Art Contest?

Join! This contest is all about play – and what better is there? Being the author of the concept of ‘playtivism’ – that refers to creating spaces for multidisciplinary play and experimentation in activism – I am a huge fan of play. Creative play sparks better ideas, it brings us joy, a much needed levity, as well as the feeling that ‘we got this’.

What sparked your passion for “open” culture?

I believe that openness is the greatest impact amplifier. This is why tons of what we at Fine Acts produce is open-source, and free to use by others. 

What excites you about being a judge for CC’s Open Culture Remix Art Contest?
The vastness of the potential, the shorelessness of what to expect. 

Submit your artwork before 30 April here >>

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