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Marike van Roon — Open Culture VOICES, Season 2 Episode 30

Marike van Roon shares that “the main benefit of open culture is accessibility” because if you are not fortunate enough to be part of organization that pays for you to have access to collections and you don’t live in city with public collections it’s almost impossible to access a lot of cultural heritage. In this episode we learn about the institutions that support opening up collections in the Netherlands and how detrimental copyright laws and pay walls are to open culture around the world.

Open Culture VOICES is a series of short videos that highlight the benefits and barriers of open culture as well as inspiration and advice on the subject of opening up cultural heritage. Marike van Roon is currently an independent art historian and has been part of the cultural heritage sector in the nNetherlands for more than 30years. She is also a Wikipedian and was a member of the board of Wikimedia Nederland.

Marike responds to the following questions:

What are the main benefits of open GLAM?
What are the barriers?
Could you share something someone else told you that opened up your eyes and mind about open GLAM?
Do you have a personal message to those hesitating to open up collections?

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