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Join us at ‘The Future of Open’ Webinar on 9 November!

CC Policy Working Groups

In May this year, we announced that four working groups of the Creative Commons Copyright Platform would examine policy issues affecting the open ecosystem. For the past five months, they have worked vigorously to provide clearer articulation of the issues and consider possible solutions in four areas: 

Working Group 1 — Artificial Intelligence and Open Content 
Lead: Max Mahmoud Wardeh 

Working Group 2 — Internet Platform Liability
Lead: Emine Yildirim 

Working Group 3 — Exceptions and Limitations to address Global Challenges
Lead: André Houang 

Working Group 4 — Beyond Copyright: the Ethics of Open Sharing
Lead: Josie Fraser

Each working group will be publishing an article encapsulating their outcomes in the CC Medium Publication in the first week of November. Keep an eye out for their release!

Future of Open Webinar

On Tuesday 9 November, you will have the chance to hear from each of the working groups’ leads, delving into questions like: 

What are the implications of artificial intelligence for copyright law?
How does copyright law over platform liability affect our freedom to share content online?
What role do exceptions and limitations play in supporting the human rights to access to information, culture and knowledge?
What ethical considerations might we need to take into account in the open environment?

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