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Judicial Perspectives on Copyright Litigation

December 6th at 6:00pm - 8:00pm




The Pennsylvania Chapter, in partnership with the Federal Bar Association, is proud to present the following program:

Copyright litigation is, in many ways, similar to other litigation in federal court. But copyright cases can present unique challenges that warrant careful management, such as the early adjudication of key issues like fair use or the availability of statutory damages and how to deal with cases in which the number of works or alleged infringements threatens to make trial unwieldy. This program will explore the litigation of copyright cases through the eyes of three federal judges sitting in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Judges Mitchell Goldberg, Wendy Beetlestone, and Joshua Wolson will discuss the management of copyright cases in the district, with lessons for litigators of all stripes who regularly appear in federal court.


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Wendy Beetlestone

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Mitchell Goldberg

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Joshua Wolson

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