Beverly Hills Bar Association Event: Taylor’s Version Copyright Law in the Swift Era

When: January 31, 2024 at 2:00pm - 3:45pm PST - This event has passed

Copyright Society members are invited to join the Beverly Hills Bar Association (BHBA) for a session that will cover the essentials of copyright law, enforcing copyright protections, and how copyrights are used as revenue streams using Taylor Swift’s career as a case study. This session is designed for anyone looking to understand the key elements of copyright in the arts and entertainment sectors and how to use them to their advantage. In this program, panelists will:

  • Explore the automatic nature of copyright upon creation, illustrated by Taylor Swift’s songwriting and recording process.
  • Explore how artists like Taylor Swift deal with infringement claims, including analyzing the defense strategies and legal precedents set by such cases
  • Discuss the significance of owning copyrights, drawing parallels to Taylor Swift’s re-recording of her albums for more creative control and revenue.
  • Examine the complexities of copyright law in the era of streaming services using Taylor Swift’s advocacy for fair artist compensation as a case study.
  • Predict the evolution of copyright revenue streams in the music industry, taking inspiration from Taylor Swift’s innovative approaches to monetizing her music and brand.

Copyright Society members can attend for free! The BHBA will provide 1 MCLE credit hour for this program.

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This event has passed