Back to the Future: Liability and Protection Challenges Posed by the emergence of generative AI Content

When: June 13, 2023 at 10:45am - 12:00pm EDT - This event has passed

Join an engaging panel of speakers as we explore the copyright liability and protection implications of the rapid proliferation of AI generated content. Our panel will not only demonstrate various AI tools to generate content, with a focus on music AI tools, they will also provide insight into HOW the tools generate that content. Discussion to include; education on how Artificial Intelligence actually works, implications on authorship and protection of works, liability risks, current litigations against Stability AI and GitHub, and potential pathways for establishing corporate policies and practices when navigating this space.


Angela Dunning

Partner | Cooley

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Judith Finell

Musicologist | Judith Finell MusicServices Inc

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Umair Kazi

Director of Policy & Advocacy | Authors Guild

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Manaswi Mishra

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This event has passed