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The Texas Chapter of the Copyright Society is a meeting place for the unique group of IP attorneys practicing in the second largest state and the other stakeholders to whom modern developments in copyright law are of paramount importance.

Offering classes from Music Streaming, to Fashion Law, to the Current State of Software Protection, Licensing and Enforcement, the interests of the attorneys and related professions are as diverse as the membership.  Unsurprisingly, tradition and conservatism butts heads against the innovation and progress that has rocked the copyright world just as it has everywhere else.

Join the Texas Chapter of the Copyright Society to learn from the experts about the constantly changing world of IP law.



Chapter Chairs:

Mary Catherine Amerine

Texas Chapter | Attorney
Mary Catherine Amerine is an associate in the Litigation practice. She represents domestic and international clients in advertising and unfair competition litigation under the Lanham Act and state laws, as well as in other complex commercial disputes. In addition, she represents clients in disputes involving false advertising, unfair competition, trademark/trade dress, patent infringement, and copyright law.
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