Van Lindberg


Taylor English

Van Lindberg is an intellectual property attorney specializing in the intersection of computer technology and law. He was named one of “America’s Top 12 Techiest Attorneys” by the American Bar Association Journal and recognized as one of the world’s top IP strategists by Intellectual Asset Management magazine.


Mr. Lindberg specializes in open source law and strategy, which has been his major focus for more than twenty-five years. He is the author of O’Reilly’s “Intellectual Property and Open Source,” and co-editor of the Open Source casebook. He also serves with many open source foundations as a board member and legal counsel.


Mr. Lindberg is an expert in the emerging field of AI law, where he helps clients with the legal issues associated with creating and training machine learning models, using machine learning models to develop systems with novel capabilities, and using inference to generate new works.


In addition to Mr. Lindberg’s legal work, he is the founder of OSPOCO, the Open Source Program Office-as-a-Service company. He develops machine learning tools in his spare time and prefers programming in Python.