Sasha Musa


Sasha Musa has been providing pragmatic copyright advice to artists and major studios for almost 15 years.  She started her journey with an art degree from San Francisco State University and a dream.  After moving to New York, Sasha worked as a studio manager for fashion and food photographers.  During this time, she started to get curious about how she and other photographers could better protect their works online.  Upon returning to California and attending Southwestern Law School, Sasha’s first legal internship was at RKO Pictures where she learned about copyright and chain of title.  She would later work at the guilds and join the rights groups at NBCUniversal and Miramax.  Sasha was a member of a select group tasked with performing the necessary IP diligence to ensure beIN’s successful acquisition of Miramax and recently Netflix’s acquisition of the Roald Dahl library.  At Netflix, she currently handles copyright issues for television and film productions, including those based on works from the U.S., EU, and Asia.  Throughout it all, Sasha remains committed to helping talent and producers understand copyright while encouraging fair partnerships.