Rebecca Blake

Advocacy Liaison

Graphic Artists Guild

Rebecca Blake is Advocacy Liaison for the Graphic Artists Guild, a professional community whose primary purpose is to help graphic artists and other design professions to build and maintain successful careers. Aside from her role as the Guild’s Advocacy Liaison, Rebecca works, sleeps, eats, and lives as Design Director at Optimum Design & Consulting, a small designer firm in mid-town Manhattan. There she oversees the creation of a wide range of print and web projects, including marketing materials, logos and corporate ID, website interfaces, and publications.

Having graduated from college with a degree completely unrelated to the visual arts, Rebecca transitioned to a design career by attending the Continuing Education Department at the School of Visual Arts. Her first act upon changing careers was to join the Graphic Artists Guild, where she met a community of supportive and sensible mentors and colleagues. She became active on the local level, serving in various positions on the New York Chapter board, before moving up to the National Board