Patti Coleman

Patti Coleman is an attorney and in-house business and legal affairs executive with a 25+ year career in the recorded music industry. She has worked at several record labels specializing in artist recording agreements, JVs, distribution agreements, merchandising and brand licensing, business affairs operations, and, more generally, acts as a strategic advisor to label heads and creative executives. Patti most recently led a team of lawyers and paralegals across multiple practice areas as SVP, Head of Business and Legal Affairs at Rhino Entertainment/Warner Music Global Catalog, successfully negotiating deals with many superstar recording artists. Her experience ranges from artist signings, brand licensing extensions and master catalog acquisitions, to litigation settlements, royalty buyouts and statutory copyright termination. Prior to that, Patti was SVP of Business & Legal Affairs at Warner Records where she helped lead development of “360-deals” during the aughts and then navigated the changing landscape that came with the rise of legal streaming services. She began her legal career in Chicago and pivoted early on, moving to New York to pursue her love of music at Universal Music Group’s then jazz imprint GRP Records and Universal/Republic Records, before transferring to Los Angeles to join MCA Records, Geffen, and Interscope. Patti thrives on new challenges and leads with integrity, believing strongly in the importance of trust between artists, their representatives, and label partners to get to solutions that protect and preserve the value of music in the marketplace for all parties. Patti is currently enjoying a “gap year,” taking time off to reconnect with family and friends and to enjoy all the other things that make life so rich.