Manaswi Mishra

Manaswi Mishra is a current graduate researcher and LEGO Pappert fellow at the Opera of the Future research group, MIT Media Labs. His research explores strategies and frameworks for a new age of composing, performing, and learning music using AI. He joined the MIT Media Lab in 2019 and completed his MS in Media Arts and Science, developing his work “Living, Singing AI,” to democratize the potential of AI music making with just the human voice. Prior to joining MIT, he has received a master’s in Music Technology at UPF, Barcelona and bachelor’s in Technology at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. He is passionate about a creative future where every individual can express, reflect, create, and connect through music. Manaswi is also a founding instigator of the Music Tech Community in India and has organized workshops, hackathons, and community events to foster a future of music and technology in his home country