Dale Cendali

Dale Cendali is a partner in Kirkland & Ellis’s New York office and is firmwide head of Kirkland’s Copyright, Trademark and Internet Practice Group.  She has argued before the Supreme Court and won the Harry Potter Lexicon trial for JK Rowling and Warner Bros.  IP 360 named Dale one of the 25 “Icons of IP,” who have “made an indelible mark in the IP area.”  The National Law Journal selected Dale as one of the “100 Most Influential Lawyers in America” and she has repeatedly been ranked as a “top tier” lawyer by Chambers.  Dale writes prolifically and holds many senior positions in the bar, and is co-editor of the ABA’s “Copyright Litigation Strategies Handbook”.   Dale’s high-profile cases involve the Harry Potter Lexicon, the Obama “Hope” poster, Oracle’s Java, Tetris, Fox News, The Spider-Man musical, Nike’s Jumpman, Take Two’s videogames, and Epic’s Fortnite. She also for many years has taught a course on copyright and trademark litigation at Harvard Law School.