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SDNY DJ Action: Musical based on P.D. novel “Anne of Green Gables”

Our firm, Leason Ellis, has filed a declaratory judgment action on behalf of plaintiff, Anne With An E, a theatrical producer that is developing a musical based on the 1908 novel ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. Plaintiff seeks a declaration that its musical will not infringe the asserted tradeamrk rights of Defendant, an entity owned in part by the province of Prince Edward Island, the setting of the novel, which holds itself out as the sole licensing authority for the ANNE OF GREEN GABLES trademark. Defendant is also developing a musical based on the novel.

Text of complaint in Anne With An E vs Anne of Green Gables Licensing Authority lawsuit:

Anne With An E v. Anne of Green Gables Licensing Authority, 23-cv-1408 (SDNY February 21, 2023)

Wikipedia entry on Anne of Green Gables

Press coverage on the Anne With An E lawsuit here.

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