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NEW YORK, NY – The Copyright Society is excited to launch a series of programs and events surrounding the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  

 The focus will cover the latest developments and topics on the growing range of issues relating to generative and other AI technologies, their impact on copyright laws and practices. The series will be a hybrid format (in-person and livestreamed) and open to both Copyright Society members and non-members.  

The first event launches on March 14 in a free, joint program with the Copyright Alliance.  

“We are thrilled to be at the forefront of this conversation,” said Executive Director, Kaitland Kubat. AI is a topic of much conversation, and the Society is ready to provide an impartial perspective. 

Featuring a lineup of speakers from leading practitioners, academics, technologists, creators and officials, the series will provide practitioners a toolkit to assist in analyzing and advising clients on the impact of AI technologies. Non-practitioners will also find the information invaluable.  

Upcoming events include: 

  • Fair Use Considerations in Using Content to Train ML Models presented by the New York Chapter on April 14 
  • Legal Contracting Using chatGPT presented by the Northwest Chapter on May 22
  • Liability Considerations in Enterprise Use of Generative AI presented by the Pennsylvania Chapter on June 27 
  • “Progress of Science and the Useful Arts” and its Role in AI Policy presented by the Washington, D.C. Chapter, date TBD 
  • What is an Author and How can AI Be One? at the Copyright + Technology Conference on September 14 
  • Pre-Trained General Language Models v. Fine Tuned Models – Impact on Copyright Liability Concerns at the Copyright + Technology Conference on September 14 

To find out more about the Copyright Society’s upcoming AI series and other programs, please visit https://copyrightsociety.org.