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Seton Award

Granted annually to recognize the best writing by a young lawyer published in the Journal of the Copyright Society of the U.S.A., the Seton Award honors Charles B. Seton (1910-2005), one of the founding members of the Society. To qualify, the article must have been written prior to the author’s 40th birthday. The Seton Award includes a financial prize.


Vol Iss First  Last  Article  Short Citation
64       Coming Soon!  
63 3 Jeremy de Beer Canada’s Copyright Tariff-Setting Process: An Empirical Review


 45 J. Copyright Soc’y U.S. 546 (1998)
62 2 Sofia Ritala How Should the American First-Sale Doctrine Be Developed in Light of New Digital Distribution Technologies for Copyrighted Works?


61 4 Barbara Lauriat Free Trade in Books: The 1878 Royal Commission on Copyright


60 2 Rebecca Tushnet Performance Anxiety: Copyright Embodied and Disembodied


59 2 Zvi Rosen Reimagining Bleistein: Copyright for Advertisements in Historical Perspective


58 2 Brian Lee Pelanda Declarations of Cultural Independence: The Nationalistic Imperative Behind the Passage of Early American Copyright Laws, 1783-1787


57 3 Martin Senftleben Bridging the Differences Between Copyright’s Legal Tradition — The Emerging EC Fair Use Doctrine


56 2 Stephanie Berg Remedying the Statutory Damages Remedy for Secondary Copyright Infringement Liability: Balancing Copyright and Innovation in the Digital Age


55 2 & 3 Makeen F. Makeen The Protection of Cinematographic Works Under the Copyright Laws of Egypt and Lebanon


54 4 Patrick Masiyakurima The Effectiveness of Judicial Licensing in Copyright Law


53 1 & 2 Mark H. Jaffe Defusing the Time Bomb Once Again – Determining Authorship in a Sound Recording


52 3 Daniel R. Johnston Debunking Fair Use Rights and Copyduty Under U.S. Copyright Law


51 1 Catherine Seville Peter Pan’s Rights: “To Die Will Be and Awfully Big Adventure”


50 1 Richard B. Graves IIII Globalization,Treaty Powers, and the Limits of the Intellectual Property Clause


49 4 Daniel J. Gervais Feist Goes Global: A Comparative Analysis of the Notion of Originality in Copyright Law


48 1 & 2 Eric D. Leach Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Digital Performance Rights But Were Afraid to Ask


47 1 Ryan Craig The Development of Internet Education and the Role of Copyright Law


46 4 Jeffrey Wu Art Resale Rights and the Art Resale Market:  A Follow-up Study


45 4 Tyler T. Ochoa Dr. Seuss, The Juice and Fair Use: How the Grinch Silenced a Parody


45 J. Copyright Soc’y U.S. 546 (1998)
45 1 Scott Glauberman Citizen Suits Against States:  The Exclusive Jurisdiction Dilemma


44 3 Rebecca Martin The WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty:  Will the U.S. Whistle a New Tune?


43 3 Ira Brandiss Writing in Frost on a Window Pane:  E-mail and Chatting on RAM and Copyright Fixation


42 3 Jennifer Hall Blues and Public Domain: No More Dues to Pay?


41 3 Robert Cassler Copyright Royalty Tribunal:  Balancing the Record


40       No qualifying articles


39 2 Anthony Nolan Brave New World? Copyright Protection of Computer Programs in Germany and France in Light of the European Community Software Directive


38 1 Shira Perlmutter The Scope of Copyright in Telephone Directories:  Keep Listing Information in the Public Domain


34 2 Andrea Rush The Canadian Copyright Appeal Board: In Retrospect and In Revision